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We are sending aid to Japan!


Our main market Japan has been hit very hard by earthquake and tsunami. A huge number of people have had their homes destroyed and thousands has lost their families. The nuclear power plant in Fukushima still makes peoples future uncertain.

We have been working on the Japanese market for about 20 years and we have many business associates and friends. When this tragedy struck we were just about to host our annual customer party in Tokyo, which we now have cancelled.

We have instead used those funds for aid in the hardest hit area in the North East of Japan. We have chosen to buy 10 Shelter boxes ( Each box contains a modern storm proof tent for 10 people, heater, pots and pans, tools, blankets, torch, kids colouring kit etc. Totally our investment can keep 100 people safe and dry.

The donations in Sweden are organized through Rotary.

Peter Eklund